At fifteen years old I was rearing to drive, I had experienced the rush of wind in my friends tiny go-cart and driven the race cars at Chuck E. Cheese.  I was created for the shifting of  gears and clutching of a steering wheel, I knew I would drive barefoot to the beach and smoke cloves on road trips with the windows rolled down. I was sure owning a licence would be pure unadulterated freedom.

I suppose some days when the breeze is just the right amount of balmy and I have no bills to pay, driving is just that–freedom.

But on a normal day when my tank is empty and the calender on my iPhone flashes ‘Monday’ I can only use driving as a transportation tool. So here are some tips on how to save gas and make those driving for the joy of it days happen more often:

6 Driving Tactics to Save Gas

Tactic No. 1: Coast to a Stop
Tactic No. 2: Avoid Slowly Crawling Up to Speed
Tactic No. 3: Close Windows and Use a/c at High Speeds
Tactic No. 4: Cruise at a Slower Speed
Tactic No. 5: Climb Slowly (When It’s Safe)
Tactic No. 6: When Coasting Downhill, Leave the Car in Gear

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