I got fed up with normal alarms making a lot of noise, and no one taking any notice of them any more. Also not knowing if anyone had messed with my bike because I was to far away to hear the alarm.

So I decided to make this alarm using an old mobile phone and a simple timer circuit.

The basic principle is if the motorbike is moved it will trigger a timer circuit,
which will send a 3 second pulse to a mobile phone, which will phone me to let me know that something has moved my bike.

This project is not just for a motorbike, It could also be altered you warn you about anything you want.
ie house, shed, car.

Step 1 Items needed

1 old phone with speed dial.
1 mobile phone car charger.
1 555 timer chip
2 relays 12 volt
some tilt vibration switches.
some resistors and capacitors
some wire
a small plug and socket. (a phono plugs is ideal)
Some electrical tools and a little electronics knowledge.
I would never make this, but I love the idea!