Wear full gear.
Ideally you should wear heavy-duty gear even if it’s warm, but at the very
least, long jeans, denim and gloves are musts. And don’t forget the

Don’t tailgate.
Unlike cars, motorcyclists have to keep their transportation upright,
protect yourself and others around you.

Watch for cars making left turns.
If you’re approaching an intersection and see a car with its left
directional on, pay very close attention and be prepared to stop or take
evasive action as cars often misjudge both the distance and speed of
motorcycles when turning in front of them, if they notice bikers at all.

Take A Safety Course.
This is the best way to learn, and you may get a break on your insurance
if you pass the course.

Don’t drink or use drugs, prescription or otherwise, and drive.
Good motorcycling requires lightning-fast reactions and it only takes a
split second to go from a thrill to a spill.

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