“What would you do with one million dollars?’ This is a question I can guarantee most of us have pondered at some moment in our existence.

Publicly our response to the question will undoubtedly include some donation to world hunger or pet adoptions. But without the pressure of making the ‘right’ choice, I dream of setting up a travel account that will take me around the world. But that’s just me…

Violet and Allen Large won $11.2 Million dollars last year in the lottery. However, instead of going on spending sprees, world trips and buying shiny cars, they decided to do exactly the opposite: they gave almost all of it away.

“What you’ve never had, you don’t miss,” Allen Large said shortly after collecting their winnings. The money, they felt, was nothing but a nuisance. And what was more, Violet was suffering from cancer and the Larges knew that no amount of money could give her back her health.

So they went about disposing of their money in the most beneficial ways they could think of. They gave the money away to hospitals, churches, family members, cemeteries, fire departments, the VON, the Red Cross, the War Amps and many other organizations. Their generosity was unparalleled.

Violet died last weekend of ovarian cancer at the age of 79. She leaves behind a truly moving legacy of charity. She was buried yesterday by her family and friends, and her life celebrated as one rich not with money, but with generosity and love.

Truly inspiring.

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