Its that time of year again here in North Texas–spring–time for severe storms. If they occur, do you know what to do and whom you trust to make the necessary repairs to your home and vehicles. First, if a storm occurs, once the storm has passed try and secure your property as best as you can (i.e. tarps over windows of cars or plastic sheeting over the windows of you home to keep out as much moisture as possible). Next contact your insurance company to report your damage and start the claim process. Please remember that while your insurance company may suggest a repair facility to complete your repairs, you are free to use any repair company you choose. That is where you the customer need to be cautious about your repair company. Several questions need to be asked before you allow someone to come to your home and make repairs on either your vehicle or home itself. 1. Are they licensed and insured to complete this type of work., 2. Do they have an actual storefront location or do they simply work from out of their truck (i.e. in the business these companies are called tailgaters)., 3. How long have they been in business., 4. Do they have adequate staff to complete your repair in a timely fashion.

We have all heard horror stories of repair companies who show up in a time of disaster and take advantage of homeowners by doing shoddy repairs and then disappearing never to be heard from again when a problem occurs. This is the main reason when choosing a repair company, to be cautious, you want a reliable, stable, well established company to complete your work in your time of need.

Apple Glass & Mirror is here to help, not just when disaster strikes, but every day. We have been in this market for over 15 years and have an outstanding reputation with regard to customer service and reliability. Call us at the number listed below and let us help you with any of your glass needs, now and when disaster strikes.

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