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Color coding.

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Each time our glass technicians head out to install a windshield, they play “Where’s Waldo” in the parking lot. I have a solution: See more fun clean up’s here. -APPLE GLASS and MIRROR...

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Popular Mechanic’s ‘How To’

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How To Fix Your Car’s Weatherstripping I have a great 1984 Volkswagen GTI that I love dearly, but lately I’ve been noticing a lot of wind noise on the highway and water dripping down the inside of my windows when it rains. I suspect the weatherstripping is going bad. How can I tell, and if that’s the problem, how do I replace it? Into every life a little rain must fall, but it’s best if it doesn’t fall into your car. When weatherstripping—the rubber seals that keep water and air from infiltrating the cabin...

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Human Interest Story

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Bedford mom honored for rescue of autistic boy NORTH RICHLAND HILLS — Stephanie Hines of Bedford was driving to a store with her two children when she spotted the 11-year-old boy, barefoot and wearing only basketball shorts, standing along the Northeast Loop 820 access road east of Grapevine Highway. “It was late January, and the fact that he was only in a pair of shorts I thought was very odd because it was still cold outside,” said Hines, 36. Hines stopped her car in the middle of the road, turned on the hazard lights and...

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Zoom zoom

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Modern Office in the Transformed Mercedes Benz Yeah, I think we would all work out of our cars if they had these modern amenities.   See more here.  -APPLE GLASS and...

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Rock Chip Advise

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We posted this information a few years ago but I thought it was handy advice to reiterate: Do you have a rock chip that has suddenly begun to spread?  Our recent 90+ degree weather is probably the culprit.  The warming of the glass by the sun and then the sudden cooling by your air conditioning can cause the chip to spread.  If this has happened, replacement may be your only option.  If it has not spread, it may be repairable.  We generally use the criteria of a quarter.  If a quarter will cover everything, then the rock chip is typically...

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From the inside out.

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Here is a story on Unique Converted Homes. The shower is what I was drooling over, can you imagine up-cycling a dilapidated old barn into something so beautiful? Tulane Barn Location: Montgomery Township, N.J.  Architect: John Hutchison This former barn near Princeton was originally built in the first half of the 19th century by Louis Tulane and his son Paul. (Tulane University in Louisiana took the family’s name following an endowment from Paul.) Conversion of the barn to a house began in 2009 and was completed in 2011, and it just sold to...

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3 unique uses for mirrors

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1. Use a mirror as a table top for your vanity.   2. Add extra mirrors in a narrow room to give the appearance of a wider space.   3.  Find a fun decal to stick on your child’s bedroom mirror.   -APPLE GLASS and MIRROR...

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5 unique uses for glass.

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  1. Add a smooth cover to a desk top photo montage in your teenagers bedroom. 2. Use tinted glass as a back splash in your kitchen. 3. Create a pristine modern look with a glass vanity in your bathroom. 4. Install a glass Dry-Wipe Board in your child’s playroom for school work, or in your laundry room for a daily to-do list. 5. Add window panes to a playhouse for a year-round weatherized appeal.   APPLE GLASS and MIRROR...

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An unintentional endorsement

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Making healthy choices has always been important, but it seems a new exciting trend is to make health-conscientious food choices. Many restaurants have begun to subtly stamp the calorie count onto their menus which causes us consumers to do a guilty double take. Have you seen Chick-Fil-A’s website meal calorie counter? This is a good place to start taking small steps towards a healthier lifestyle. APPLE GLASS and MIRROR...

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